ODU thanks staff for 755 years of service

Mühldorf am Inn,

At a pre-Christmas celebration, ODU’s Managing Directors, together with the company’s work council, thanked longstanding staff members for their combined total of 755 years of service

“Our employees are a valuable part of a top-performing team, working together for the success of our company. As their employers, we’re fully aware of their outstanding performance and want to express our appreciation,” said Managing Directors Dr. Joachim Belz and Dr.-Ing. Kurt Woelfl to their long-serving employees. At ODU, teamwork is more than just an important concept – it’s a reality. Throughout the year, constructive exchange occurs in the workplace, with ODU colleagues also frequently meeting up after work to sing, take part in sports activities or go on trips together. All this makes ODU stand out as a dependable employee. At the thank-you festivities, the Managing Directors personally thanked their employees for 1 times 45 years of service, 3 times 35 years, 3 times 30 years and 3 times 25 years. In addition, 44 proud employees have been with ODU for 10 years now.